Thu 29 Mar 2012 11:24
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Tuesday 27.03.2012 , 18:00 UTC, 20:00 Local Time

Our first trip to the boat this year. Sitting at the airport in Zagreb. Pieter , Jim and I that is. You will find us on the pic later on. Gosh, and what a trip it was. We left London on the 22nd, early in the morning from Gatwick. To Zagreb. Then a hired car. I didn't see any roadsigns so i followed the sun south. Until the motorway bent towards the NE. Wrong direction ! Have to improve my navigation before the ARC starts !
Finally arrived, and we realised how little had been done so far. Wrong liferaft ! Croatian Dealer had confirmed all we asked for, but nothing was true. No documentation with the raft , no nothing. Is this Europe ?
No insurance papers ready either, no work on deck as specified, nothing. OK, off we go, let's start........with a serious flu. It started with me already on the day of arrival, and continued the whole trip. Jim came down with it yesterday. Awful, really awful. Anyway, managed some working days, labelled the whole boat, it looks from the inside as if she is being held together by label stickers ! Thank you Jim ! Then the odd hoist into the mast, and the days are gone already. What have we achieved ? After we left the marina to head back to Zagreb, we realised we had all ships papers and documents still in the car. So again, turn around Mike, let's go back. Wasted more than an hour on that one !
In Zagreb Fati and her gorgeous girlfriends waited for us. And wine, and food ! Finally, heaven has arrived. Pity it can't last.

Bye bye, Croatia, until May, when the TRIO INFERNALE will return to give you more hassle. Hopefully Barbara is still in the Blue Frog Marina restaurant, so Jim and Pieter can enjoy things even more !