36:08.938N 05:21.223W

Sun 9 Aug 2015 16:31
Final preparations are under way for leaving for the Canaries tomorrow. We will be sad to say goodbye to Gibraltar and to all the wonderful friends we have made here. We have had marvellous support from the community and we hope to be back here one day soon.
Daniel and I have been trying to get our new comms systems up and working. that's been todays challenge. All the pieces of the puzzle work individually but try as we may we can’t get them to talk to each other. Cousin Paul will be here tomorrow to join us as crew. There is a reason he has a PhD and that is to sort this all out!
Other than that we seem to be ready to go. We will take on a bit of extra fuel tomorrow and fill the water tanks, double check all our weather forecasts and tides and then slip our lines in anticipation of the next stage of our adventures aboard Seraphina!