The big shopping and prep

Sarabi's Adventures
Harvey Death
Sun 22 Nov 2009 18:22

Good Morning from the Crew
As you can see from the pic' the endless hours of training and preparation
(in the pub) have finally paid off!!

We are just setting off to begin our period of abstinence (not good) and
adventure (good)

After provisioning the boat with over £1500 of food and drink - no booze I
hasten to add, we resemble a floating supermarket. Many thanks to Simon for
his assistance with this huge task!
The rest of the crew are in staff quarters whilst Barkey and Bill reside in
the state room, to level the score we managed to procure some pickled
brussels for Barkey, Bill is not speaking to me now!!

The weather is fine with a good sailing breeze, everyone is in fine fettle
and full of anticipation, whilst Sarabi holds her head high in the fleet.

We will be in touch as often as possible with regular updates.


The Crew

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