Arc+ Diary #1

Wed 24 Aug 2022 16:20

It’s day three out of Lymington and here we are at: 48.16N 006.27W.

Off Ushant at the Northern end of the Bay of Biscay.

300 miles to A~Coruna where we’re going to rest for a couple of days and one member of the crew fly’s home and another comes to join us.

The weather has been pretty grizzly so far: lots of fog and greyness.

Not much sun so far, but team spirits are good and we’re all working well together.

We have been visited by many common dolphins; they're seem as keen to look at us as we are to look at them.

A huge pod twenty miles South of Plymouth - maybe as many as one hundred.

Bangers and mash last night, Thai trout tonight.

Moon & Stars is doing well and is a comfortable joy to take us on our adventures