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Web Diary.....What is it?
The Web Diary is a really easy way of creating you own personal web page without any required knowledge of web development. It allows you to maintain an online blog to share with friends and family. You can post stories, photos and even pinpoint your current position on a map!
The Web Diary is a great way of keeping those back home up to date with your travels, without sending to multiple email addresses.
It is designed to be used by those of you using a satellite phone as your main Internet connection, so everything is done by email!

How Do I Use It?
So, in order to add a story to your web page, simply send an email to: This email address is unique to your account, so save it somewhere safe! (i.e. in your email program's address book).
Essentially, everything you put in the content of you email, will go onto your web page.
You need to make sure your email is in HTML/Rich Text format (go to the Format menu and choose the option).
Any pictures will need to be re-sized with a photo program first, to avoid spending loads of your airtime uploading it! We like PhotoRazor, and it is available to download from our website. We would recommend re-sizing photos to around 400-500 pixels. You can also adjust the "quality" setting if re-sizing a jpeg, which helps reduce it's size.
In order to edit or remove stories (or add position information to old entries), simply log into the Web Diary site with your normal email username and password at:

World Position Mapping
To activate the mapping feature all you need to do is to include some positions in your Diary entries. For new entries this is as simple as entering your Lat/Lon somewhere in the subject or the first few lines of the message body in the format DD:MM.mm, eg "50:23.22N 0:23.15W".
The system will actually detect anything that resembles a position report, so be careful if you are writing about another location and don't wish for it to be pin-pointed on the map! Best thing to do is put the positions you want to go on the map either in your subject, or near the top of the email, with any others as near the bottom as possible! For Diary entries that you have already uploaded you can edit the position data by logging into the Web Diary website and clicking on the "Edit" link which appears against each entry.

How Do I See My Diary
The web address to view your diary is quite easy to remember:
http://blog.mailasail.com/mick.stewart ..and this is personal to you.
Important Notes
1) Please do NOT put your email address anywhere on your web page! This will result in a large amount of spam entering your Inbox.
2) Please avoid CC'ing your posts to the blog to other people. If they hit "Reply", their email may also land on your web page!
3) Please remember to resize your images before sending! Not only does this save you time sending, but your viewers will also not spend ages waiting for your pages to appear!

Feedback on how to improve the Web Diary is very welcome. Please have fun!

Mailasail is the trading name of Nippy Networks Ltd which is a limited company registered in England and Wales. Company number: 5365559
Registered office: 105 Dupont Road, Raynes Park, London, SW20 8EH.