50 nm to go

Wed 13 Dec 2006 13:32
It's not over yet! But it is getting very close....
We have had a lovely run through the night with the spinnaker.  The predicted light winds did not affect us until just now.  We took down the halyards for inspection an hour ago and had to cut a foot off the main halyard where it had nearly parted at the masthead.  BUT...the spinnaker is back up again, we are still making 7 knots plus and we are still hoping for dinner ashore tonight.
Land fever has not fully set in - yet but if you watch closely you can see everyone's eyes straying to the waypoint range of the northern tip of St Lucia.  For some reason, it goes down more slowly when you check every 5 minutes!
We are in good spirits, rude health and planning for much more of both later on today....
Stay tuned for the finish - ETA around 2000 tonight