Johnnie’s Ode to the Moon

Forget Me Knot Atlantic Row
Johnnie, Stef and Dirk
Fri 18 Feb 2022 09:06
Oh Moony, Moony 
Shining bright,
There you are!
It must be night.

As across the ocean
We all row,
I’m pondering
Your yellow glow

They look to you,
To tell them what
They’re about to do

And clever yanks
Some time ago,
Landed a rocket
Upon your nose

But all the mystics
And Apollo crew
Don’t know the truth,
Like you and I do

For a wise old man
Once said to me,
“The moon, my boy -
It’s the finest cheese!”

So as I paddle 
The open sea,
I wonder what
This cheese might be

Roquefort, Camembert,
Gruyère or Brie?
Maybe, Babybel or Dairylea?

No! This Welsh lad
Knows what’s better -
‘cos there’s nothing that beats 
Caerphilly cheddar!

So now we know 
Your secret cheese,
Can you do me a favour -

Oh, Moony, Moony
Shining bright,
Come down y’ur
n give us a bite