Fenix II ARC
Liz/Steve Rakoczy
Sun 21 Nov 2010 15:32

21.10.2010      Las Palmas Start         “27:58N 15:18W”



We have started! What a relief and what a thrill! Believe it or not but 30 minutes before the start Kynan had to do a dive to clear our speed sensor prop. The speed is a wheel that is spinning and so measuring the speed. Now, whenever we stop particularly in warm waters nature makes a serious attempt to grow things onto the wheel and around/into the hole. So shirt off and Kynan dived. He found fine slimy things around the hole that he cleaned with his hands.


We were hovering along the start line. My task was to watch that we did not cross it. Steve’s mania of trying to get 100% out of every situation was nerve recking. But we managed not to cross the line before the start and we were 2nd through the start line!. To be honest it was wonderful to see our asymmetrical flying ahead of the fleet. And we are pulling away! Just to prove it here is a photo of the fleet behind us 30 minutes after the start. The little spot in the top left hand corner is our boom.


So exciting! We have already sailed 20 miles, only 2980 NM to go! L


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