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Date: 14 Dec 2014 18:48:02
Title: Atlantic Crossing Day 19

12:16:6N 060:37:2W
Sunday 14th Dec 2014
ETA: The Lagoon, St.George’s Harbour, GRENADA 0700 15TH DEC 2014
We are all feeling End of Termish (but not so tired) / demob happy!
Each of the crew received an early Christmas pressie of a new clean WD Crew shirt – with a map of our World route on the back.
Last night we passed within 20 miles of Barbados and could see the glow from its twinkling lights, together with the flashing of the lighthouse.
Naturally as it is almost the end of the term / passage the crew have agreed to prevent me from getting withdrawal symptoms. Our Nativity will therefore be held this afternoon.
Starring roles in: Is God a Trini?
Baby Jesus                  -Bruce Melizan
Joseph                         -Steve Litson
The three wise men    - Denis Bates, Stuart Crainer, Knot Bill Pitman
The play will be held after a traditional Carol Service on the foredeck, with the Dolphin Massed Choir performing live.
Christmas lunch will also be held today
Albondigas in a fragrant basil and tomato reduction, served on a bed of freshly prepared and hand opened pasta. Followed by specially imported exotic fruits, presented in a colourfully patterned metal cylinder. (bowls optional). Washed down with WD’s own made Eau D’Atlantique.
On a more serious and mundane note, Denis has taken it upon himself to clean out the fridge and stock it full of our warm beer ready to be plugged in on arrival in Grenada – we even found the bottle of Champagne on board!
It is easy to remember that Stephen was recently a headmaster. After three solid weeks at sea with no remission we no longer need to imagine how a naughty seven year old would have felt when Mr Litson called across the playground.
The crew continue to be amazed by Stephen’s clean and dapper turnout despite the fact he has done no clothes washing during the entire journey. Stephen’s humour is guaranteed to create ice in any social situation.
A patient and considered sailor, as well as a master of detailed preparation. When the sails are flapping, Stephen remains unfloggable. His belt and braces approach to the planning of his round the world trip means he is never caught with his pants down.
Despite his employment of a full time valet, Stephen is often found on his hands and knees clutching a cleaning utensil.  This is sometimes purely decorative. Stephen was the one we relied on to produce the food when the going was vomitous. Enough said.
Steve has made us all feel part of the WD crew – no matter when we joined. The WD voyage is his vision, but with his own unique type of tact, diplomacy and generosity, he has allowed us to be part of it. The crew – Bill, Bruce, Denis and Stuart – say a heartfelt thank you (and please can we have a shower and a beer now!) for allowing us to take part in this journey of a lifetime.
Miles in the last 24 hours: 137 nm
Miles to go: 95 nm

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