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Date: 13 Dec 2014 19:05:41
Title: Atlantic Crossing Day 19

12:48:1N 058:36:1W
Captain Cancels Shower
“It’s all for the good of the crew.” He claims. Increasing water shortage caused by the crew’s reluctance to gybe on to a favourable water making tack and waste the great sailing wind, has forced to our illustrious Captain to cancel showers. The clean, non-sticky, freshly showered Captain explained, “I made this decision with great reluctance and clean armpits.” No crew were available to comment.
WD Breaks Record Daily Run
In an amazing run of speed, Friday saw WD shatter all previous daily records. Mile after mile slipped over the horizon as WD sped to 148 magical tropical miles in 24 hours. This brought our first cold Carib Beer almost within reach!
A Typical WD Day (as requested by Josh)
Irrespective which watch they have just finished, everyone turns out for all meals – their choice.
At Sun rise we quickly put the bimini (awning) up as the Sun is hot from the start. As the Sun sets we take it down to watch an endless starry night and gaze in amazement at all the shooting stars. Knot Bill has already taught some of us, a few constellations.
0730    Breakfast: Porridge/Muesli, tea/coffee, Tosta (small dried french toast) and spreads.
0900 – 1100 Duties: Safety check, cleaning, washing, meal prep.
1100     Coffee, cake/biscuits
1300    Main Meal – Lunch
Sampled so far Eg. Curry meat and veggie, Venison casserole, couscous and roast veg, pasta carbonara, Spanish omelette
Fresh fruit/ Tinned fruit
1400 Snooz’n or just chill’n. Making water, writing blog, reading.
1730    Evening meal: rolls, soup and crisps (in Bruce leaves us any)
As the Sun goes down, we are all in the cockpit for the Rocking World Dominoes Championship
At about 2000, the crew not on watch get some sleep and are awoken by the last watch 15 mins before their time to be on. Then we hand over the watch – this is our routine everyday.
Tough life!!!!
Our Uniform
T-Shirt (optional), shorts (usually compulsory), hat and sun glasses.
No footwear has been worn by anyone since the stormy first night on the passage.
Only one person brushes his hair – any guesses who? He now has a beard, so you may not recognise him!
Captain’s Comments:
Shy and unassuming, Bruce rarely makes himself heard – Yeah, as if!!!
He does though, need to control the Diva in him when playing dominoes – it is just a game!
Personal and Social
Bruce seems to have developed a good relationship with his cabin buddy; the morning ritual of a wipe down seems to have become synchronised!
Bruce has learned his lessons well, but, he still applies a rather gung-ho approach, he claims this is a considered approach. He is always keen to shake out a reef, even if the wind only dropped a minute ago.
Given his normal day job, we expected a lot from his cleaning and have not been disappointed. No crumb has been left untouched, no skid mark unbrushed. This was a useful ‘back to the shop floor’, experience for him.
Bruce has been determined to put fish on the menu. He has unfortunately been disappointed with our continuing boat speed. This has led to a 30 minute fight with an unseen monster, which eventually snapped the 50 pound line. He does need to practice his fisherman’s knot tying skills, which have led to lost lures and may lead to bankruptcy if not checked quickly.
Bruce’s positive enthusiasm motivates us all. His grin when I wake him first thing for his watch never ceases to make me smile. We have all enjoyed his company and will miss him next term. Good luck Bruce, both on land and sea (even if you don’t believe in luck).
Captain’s Comments
Mr Steady, Knot Bill, when the going gets tough or stormy, he calmly does what is necessary, usually with a smile on his face.
Personal and Social
Bill managed to finish ‘Cloud Atlas,’ his persistence is to be commended. We look forward to hearing the story line at some future date. Bill’s personal grooming has been inconsistent during the voyage. Initially dapper he soon let things go, occasionally emerging in the morning looking like one of ‘The Munsters’ (anyone remember them?).
An experienced sailor, Bill’s prowess with knots is legendary. His years in the Merchant Navy were not wasted. If you fancy a quick Sheep Shank (American style) he’s your man!
Bill is our Master Baker extraordinaire! If anyone wanted to make themselves indispensible to a yacht crew, baking would be the skill to acquire. However, Bill’s strange idiosyncratic taste in sandwiches makes the food in the ‘Vicar of Dibley’ social gathering look tame. IE. Vegimite, peanut butter and mayo.
Domestic Billiss is felt by us all with  this member of the crew. Personally I have loved Bill being on board. As one of my longest standing friends who helped me achieve this dream, I so wanted him to be part of it. Luckily for me he chose to come along and add his special brand of humour and good will. I will miss him next term and wish him good luck both on land and sea.
One more Crew Report tomorrow.
Miles to go: 196nm

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