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Date: 11 Dec 2014 18:27:37
Title: Atlantic Crossing Day 17

13:35:3N 053:50:4W
Booby Prize
A Blue-Faced or Masked Booby visited WD twice during the day, circling the boat several times to satisfy itself we weren’t edible.
Busy Seas?
After ten days without seeing another boat, we have been inundated with sightings. Yesterday evening we sighted Regina Maris, a 100m, three masted ship making for Dominica. We did wonder if it was the Pirates of the Caribbean, but Jonny nor Keira were visible and we didn’t have to repel boarders.
What a Shower!
With the exception of Blind Bruce the helmsman, who kept muttering, “It is just like the shower rooms, don’t worry!” The rest of the crew were asked to vacate the cockpit, while I discovered my tan was not as deep as I thought. A fresh, sparkly, me emerged like a butterfly from a cocoon. It is amazing how refreshed a shower can make you feel.
It’s All Down Wind From Here
After almost three weeks of Trade Wind sailing, a force 6 or 7 does not put us off our game of dominoes, at the flood lit cockpit table.
Miles to go: 494nm
Miles covered on the last 24 hours: 140nm
An explanation for the non-sailor:
When sailing it is practically impossible to stay on a straight track, therefore we are gybing down wind, zigzagging across the track. We thus cover more miles than is taken away from the miles to go.

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