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Date: 10 Dec 2014 17:15:01
Title: Atlantic Crossing Day 17

14:17:5N 051:44:9W
WD Crew Do Porridge
Yesterday our intrepid crew threw caution to the wind and opened Mr Quaker Oats, Golden Syrup flavoured, instant porridge. It is now the on board breakfast of choice for the more discerning crew.
Skipper Comes Clean
In an effort to boost the flagging morale and hygiene standards, I announced at breakfast time, that the new showering facilities were now to be opened. Lots were drawn for who would shower each day. Much to the crew mates horror, in a controversial decision, Bruce declined first shower option. He claims Jane will find the new fragrant Bruce a ‘natural’ delight. We remain to be convinced. I quickly stepped up to the unhygienic plate, so as to set an example to the crew.
French Connection
Yesterday we sighted and contacted a French nine metre yacht bound for Martinique for Christmas. Entente cordial was quickly established. This was the first lady we had spoken to in three weeks and the crew giggled in true school boy fashion, as the Skipper made an instant rapport with our French counterparts. Weather and journey were both discussed before wishing them a bon journee.
Novice Seaman Leads the League
Stuart our self-confessed, least experienced crew mate, has taken the lead in our overall average daily mileage league. He is fast becoming the Manchester United of the helmsmen, and expects to be mid-table by the end of the season/passage.
Stuart    29.5
Steve     29.3
Denis    28.4
Bruce    26.8
Bill        27.9
Miles to go: 603nm
Miles covered in the last 24 hours: 138nm

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