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Date: 09 Dec 2014 17:31:49
Title: Atlantic Crossing Day 16

14:49:7N 049:25:4W
1970’s  Food Revival / Veg Out!
After longer than expected, our fresh food has finally run out (with the exception of Onions and Christophenes). To Bruce’s delight the last tomato has been consumed and the final two potatoes are destined for today’s curry. This means our 1970’s cuisine revival begins in earnest! At the halfway point we had already enjoyed a tinned treacle pudding with tinned custard. We are now eating our way through the WD selection of tinned fruit. Frey Bentos steak and kidney pie (yes they still make them) is also looming on the horizon. Thank goodness for the tasty stock of Stow Away Food which we can look forward to.
Tomorrow’s Best Seller
Throughout our epic voyage Stuart has assiduously been keeping a journal. At times writing for what seems like hours on end. As we near the end of our journey and some crew members eccentric behaviour is causing concern, we are all becoming anxious about how we will be portrayed in what no doubt, we be a global best seller!
Celebrity Super Yacht Visits WD
Last night we were fortunate enough to be two miles away from the 68 metre Voyager Ambassador. No doubt full of paparazzi in search of the now infamous and contagious viral WD crew. Readers are advised to wash their hands if you they just read this blog.
Miles to go: 754nm
Miles covered in last 24 hours: 137nm

Diary Entries