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Date: 08 Dec 2014 18:54:19
Title: The missing Blog Atlantic Crossing Day 14

Yesterday we saw three Red-Billed Tropic birds. They circled around us once or twice and flew on with their elegant long tails trailing behind. They couldn’t believe their eyes. It is amazing to see any bird a thousand miles from land. Obviously they felt the same about us.
During the last 24 hours, we’ve encountered mile after mile of floating seaweed mats, some as long and wide as tennis nets. They wrap themselves around our Aries self steering rudder, which then stops working. We have to slow WD down to less than five knots to scrap it off with the boat hook. The Trade Wind is blowing well today, as forecast, at an average of eighteen knots. We are skimming along at 6.5 knots, making really pleasing progress after the rather slovenly last two days. Maybe today will be a record!
Welcome to Denis Day
‘Everyday is like a Sunday’ laments Morrisey, in one of his melancholy dirges. But for Denis since retirement, everyday is like a Saturday. Consequently, we would like to re-name Saturday ‘Denis Day.’
On this day of the week he would have us adhere to strict rules:
1. Sailing is compulsory for all;
2. The use of patio heaters and gas bbqs would be banned;
3. The only liquid intake would be beer;
4. Lists of jobs to be done would be saved for other days;
5 The opinions of anyone called Denis must be dutifully agreed with;
6. No napping during the day and waking up grumpy.
Thus speaketh the Oracle – you can almost hear his voice! It is incredible that ‘Dynamo Denis’ manages to keep going, when some of us, (some not yet retired) fall by the wayside.
Miles to go: 1149nm
Miles covered in the last 24 hours: 115nm

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