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Date: 08 Dec 2014 18:05:25
Title: Atlantic Crossing Day 16

14:52:9N 047:11:1W
Bill Knot Delusional, Sail Boat Real!
After what seems like months even the hardiest, most realistic and down to Earth sailors can become delusional, imagining ships and dolphins, which do not exist. There were worries Senior Crew Member, ‘Knot Bill,’ as he is known to his growing legion of fans, was falling foul of this common nautical malaise. But, today at 0830 Knot Bill was proved triumphantly right, as he spotted our first boat in a week and a half. A sailing yacht, not responsive on VHF and no closer than four miles. This sailed straight past our intrepid Wandering Dream without so much as a dipped flag!
Beer, Shower or Laundry Dilemma!
Debate was raging late into the Atlantic night, on the order of priorities when reaching land. Do we head for the shower after three weeks of being unwashed and only a daily light wipe down with baby wipes? Do we head for the laundry? Or do we clear a bar as no one will want to be near us? The odds favour beer. Please post you answers to one of life’s conundrums on the Wandering Dream Group Fb page. We will consult this straight after clearing Immigration.
Miles to go: 882nm
Miles covered in the last 24 hours: 145nm

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