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Date: 05 Dec 2014 17:17:26
Title: Atlantic Crossing Day 13

15:23:2N 040:12:2W
Light winds for the last 24 hours! 24 hours distance only 113nm, well below our average 125nm. The forecast is showing the winds picking up again Saturday, so hopefully we can make up this time. If necessary we can go straight to Trinidad if we are much behind schedule.
Awoke to find the top batten broken again and pocket re-ripped. Repaired and replaced yet again. We have tried to find the cause and can only surmise that it is due to too little kicker tension down wind. Our kicker is currently tied on as one of the springs in the jamming teeth has broken and no longer grips. We have increased the tension and Bill provided the correct knot to do the job.
Bill is now affectionately known as KNOT BILL!
Many years ago in the Merchant Navy, Bill was tasked with learning twenty knots in two weeks as part of his Efficient Deck Hand exam. They range from the Cow Hitch to the Monkey Fist. Since then Bill has been adding to his repertoire  and has provided a knot for every occasion. Hence heard often on WD ....”Oh, Knot Bill again!” (True story)
Curry Night – Friday Night
Stuart, our guest celebrity chef this evening is preparing a Chicken Balti Saag with Bombay Aloo. In true ‘Come Dine with Me’ fashion, we will go through his lockers, laugh at his passion for fancy dress and generally comment on his lack of good taste in hats. However, when it comes to the meal, I now we will delight in his efforts.
Lemon Squash
Having finished our supply of WD Lemon Squash, we will be squeezing lemons this afternoon to make some more of this delicious nectar. With a sour face, at the age of forty seven, Bruce has finally learned that you dilute squash before drinking. Obviously, he claims, in Trinidad, who need lemon squash when you’ve got rum punch?
Miles to go: 1266nm

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