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Date: 04 Dec 2014 18:41:33
Title: Atlantic Crossing Day 12

15:47:5N 038:36:4W
Things seen in the Atlantic so far:
Dolphins, Tuna, Storm Petrel, Shearwater, flying fish, stunning sunrise and sunsets, magnificent moonrise and moonsets, too many stars to remember them all – even shooting stars appear many times a night, two other yachts, two cargo ships and the lights from two other distant unidentified ships. Yet only one vapour trail from an aeroplane. It is amazing, that there is so little to see yet so much to delight us all around.
After days lolling idly in his cabin, Steve our trusty Captain was galvanised to action today and sent himself up the mast to check for other ships and wear and tear. Neither were sighted. Other members of the crew delighted that the Captain had volunteered for such a dangerous task spontaneously broke into a chorus of “For he’s a Jolly Good Fellow.” As he returned safely to the deck from the swaying mast top. Only the singing part of that was made up!
Supplies of fruit cake have now been exhausted (thank you, Hilary, Jane and Ben). Please will the production crew from “The Hunger Games” parachute in fresh supplies. Future contributions gratefully accepted.
Jane (Mrs Melizan) please note:
Bruce, in a stronger Trinidadian accent, as each day passes, practiced what he bleaches, by giving Wandering Dream the benefit of an Interserve ‘Deep Clean.’ He proudly announced that the rest of us were no longer allowed below decks to mess up! He now tells us he enjoyed this alien experience so much, he wishes to regularly do the same at home.  In true Bruce fashion, the Big Man himself celebrated by cooking plantain two ways for lunch, boiled and fried – delicious!
1350 miles to go!

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