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Date: 03 Dec 2014 17:45:56
Title: Atlantic Crossing Day 11

16:39:7N 036:40:7W
We anticipate being half way across the Atlantic by 2100 this evening. Needless to say we are planning a little celebration. Treacle Pudding and Custard and a small glass of red wine.
Denis has already tried trading his custard for extra treacle pud, but we aren’t that easily taken in. Bruce is not sure whether he will have any red wine, he is enjoying an alcohol free month. No doubt he’ll make up for it in Trinidad! Bill Just wants his bottle filled directly from the water maker, sweet nectar to his lips.
A few statistics to bore you with, just in case someone is interested:
Best miles in 24 hours: 147 nm  Worst miles in 24 hours: 101 nm
Most achieved during a three hour watch 20 nm, Least achieved 6 nm
In the last 24 hours we have gone 136 nm
By 2100 this evening we hope to have achieved: 1450 nm which is halfway of the 2900 nm wiggly line estimated distance. The trade winds have now met the North Equatorial Current and we are steadily sailing down wind with a poled out genoa and full main, both with preventers rigged.

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