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Date: 02 Dec 2014 18:03:28
Title: Atlantic Crossing Day 10

17:24:1N 034:32:9W
Yesterday was a beautiful succession of squalls and rainbows. We were bathed in sunshine during the day and had our own personal display of rainbows. It makes them even more special when you are the only people who will see them. Unfortunately, the night brought more squalls into our path and we were hit by a couple of big ones, which had us crawling around on deck reefing down with driving rain and howling wind. As the morning sun rose were could see the the top batten had broken and ripped through the pocket. So this morning was spent sewing, sticking and replacing the top batten with our spare. Thank you Annabel, that’s the forth time your sail repair kit has been used – you obviously know sailing so well.
We are approaching the half way stage and averaging 125 miles/day, so we needed to take a stock check of bread, flour and yeast etc. Fortunately we have plenty to see us through the next fourteen anticipated days.
We are hoping that the promised Equatorial Current will start to run West soon. We have been steadily pushed South by the Canary Current and would like that to stop now!
We are all getting on well and no one has been thrown overboard despite our pen portraits.
Stuart and Bruce have established a mutual early morning wipe down with baby wipes – ask them for more detail!!!
Miles completed so far 1309.

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