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Date: 02 Dec 2014 17:48:14
Title: Atlantic Crossing Day 5

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Dated 27/11/2014
Atlantic Crossing Day 5
As dawn broke we found we had been joined by a flying fish during the night. We thought perhaps Bruce had been out fishing before dawn, or more worryingly perhaps, Bill told us during his watch he had heard a whale close to WD during the night.
Yesterday we crossed the Tropic of Cancer (23degrees 27minutes North) and officially entered the tropics.
We have now completed 677 miles.
Bruce has suggested we do a pen portrait of each other so you know a little about the whole crew, so here he is:
Most likely to say: “It’s going to be enormous!”
Would describe himself as: insightful and well informed.
His crew mates describe him as: Hopeful that confidence will eventually land him the catch of his dreams (apart from you Jane!).
Most likely to be played in the WD film by: Russell Crowe
Hates: Tomatoes
Favourite food: King fish sushi with pepper sauce
Works for: Interserve as Executive Director
Never ask Bruce: “Which part of the Valleys do you come from?”

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