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Date: 01 Dec 2014 18:49:42
Title: Atlantic Crossing Day 9

17:54:7N 032:30:4W
There really is something fishy about Denis
Denis was quietly on watch last night from 0300 – 0600 standing behind the wheel, when a flying fish leapt from the sea and collided with his head. Denis wasn’t sure what had hit him, so was searching for an end of rope blowing in the wind, when he realised there was a fish flapping on the deck by his feet. A fish for breakfast is always a good idea but this is taking it to extremes. Just as well he wasnt yawning.
Eagle Eye Bruce spotted another boat  during the night. This is the first we have seen for 3 days. A twenty two metre yacht passed with in two hundred yards, AIS stated it had departed Las Palmas.
Bruce also braved the Galley today, he produced his first meal of the passage, a delicious Steak and Ale casserole, with potatoes, carrots, onions and plantain. He took a few big breaths and uttered an expletive to express how pleased he was to have finished down below.
Big relief! We have been suffering from a variety of electricity producing equipment failure. First the diesel generator stopped producing power, the generator runs smoothly, but no electricity. We think we may have a blown capacitor, but really we have no idea what the problem is. We tried our towed water turbine, but appear to have blown the diodes in the regulator as no power was going to the batteries, even from the wind generator. I have now rewired this directly through to the battery and it is now charging again. However, we are having to be very frugal with the small amount of power we now have.
Pen portrait: Steve Litson
Most likely to say: Lets wait half an hour
Would describe himself as: In charge
His crew mates describe him as: He who must be obeyed
Most likely to be played in the WD film by: Sean Connery (unless Danny de Vito is available)
Hates: Clutter disorganisation, unblocking loos
Favourite food: Steak & ale in any format and Bills bread
Career: Wandering dreamer
Never ask Steve: Are you wrong?

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