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Date: 30 Nov 2014 17:44:21
Title: Atlantic Crossing Day 8

18:47:8N 030:31.9W
Without The Archers, Desert Island Discs or the Sunday papers to distract us, the crew were forced to seek entertainment by hoisting the spinnaker. This proved much more troublesome than was anticipated, being the first time they have flown it. An hour later a rather fetching green and red sail was flying adding an extra half knot to our down wind speed. After an hour a squall came through, which tested the crew yet again with a speedy dropping of the sail. Leading me to the conclusion that perhaps it wasn’t worth the effort.
Bruce’s Mahi Mahi – Fish supper, was exquisite! Even bigger fish are now expected.
Temperatures are now rising and the crew are revealing their six pack to the world, although that is the some total of the packs visible. With 30 degrees recorded down below decks!
We are gradually winding back the clocks and an hour is added to a day for every 15 degrees of Longitude we pass. So we are currently on Wandering Dream Time (WDT) of two hours behind UT/GMT.
This means we should avoid the jet lag caused by our speedy journey.
The kitchen this lunchtime was wafting out heavenly smells of vegetable curry, containing: plantain, Christophine, sweet potato, potato and onion. We are steadily finishing off the remaining store of fresh veg. Thank you Stuart.
Pen portrait: Denis Bates
Most likely to say: “I don’t agree with that, that’s not right!”
Would describe himself as: Sociable and knowledgeable about sailing.
His crew mates describe him as: Having an opinion worth listening to.
Most likely to be played in the WD film by: Bill Nighy
Hates: Gas BBQs
Favourite food: Hilary’s fruit cake.
Career: Definitely retired, no idea what day of the week it is.
Never ask Denis: “What day it is.” or waste your time asking him if he’d like a beer, he always does!
Miles covered: 1016nm

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