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Date: 29 Nov 2014 16:50:00
Title: Atlantic Crossing Day 7

19:41:7N 028:36:4W
Bruce delivers monster! After days of nothing but small tuna, we finally have a Mahi Mahi (known as a Dolphin Fish in Trini) cut into steaks and marinating in the fridge. Landing the big beast was a formidable battle between man and fish. There was only one winner: Bruce Almighty! Proof of his prowess comes later when the fish is devoured. Await tomorrow’s report.
Meanwhile, in the more mundane day to day life on WD, Bill is making another loaf and Stuart had a hair cut. As his usual barber wasn’t available he took upon himself to become Mr Tufty, according to fellow crew mates. Every day we have a rota of who is on watch (three hour watches) some watches attract a specific duty, ie cleaning, safety check, lunch and evening meal. The rest of our sleep and ablutions fit around this, leaving down time for chatting, reading, etc.
Denis changed into a new t-shirt today. Much to the relief of his crew mates who are having his other carbon dated.
Pen portrait: Bill Pitman
Most likely to say: Good morning how delightful to meet you again Lady Glandchester;
Would describe himself as: Quiet and unassuming;
His crew mates describe him as: The most knowledgeable sailor aboard!
Most likely to be played in the WD film by: Nigel Havers;
Hates: Fish;
Favourite food: Vegemite, peanut butter and tomato sandwich;
Career: Computer consultant, with a passion for naughtical programmes;
Never ask Bill: “Are you sure about that?”
Miles covered so far 904. Today there is very little wind and much wallowing in hot sunshine, twenty eight degrees below decks. A celebratory beer will be drunk for our first week of the passage (only one mind and then only by three of us. Somewhat mysteriously a slice of fruit cake was devoured during the night by a crew member who will remain un-maimed! You can make your own minds up who, “I’d do it at home,” he pleaded.

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