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Date: 28 Nov 2014 17:00:34
Title: Atlantic Crossing Day 6

20:21:9N 026:56:8W
A bright start with little wind and a boat speed of about 4 knots had Bruce whipping out one of the fishing rods. Within the hour he had hooked three fish. The first got away, the second and third were landed/boated – both small yellow fin tuna (we think) were discarded as too small. Our wind and boat speed picked up and much to Bruce’s disgust the rod had to go away. The “Big One” will have to wait for another day.
Looking forward to a relaxing morning we sat back in the sun. Only to find that for some reason the water pump had sprung a leak. So floors up, leak traced and an hour later, success, the stripped thread of the bolt housing had been sorted and had been tightened.
Our diet continues to be rich and varied with a magnificent Spanish tortilla and salad whipped up today by Stuart, the sailing man’s Gordon Ramsay. We have decided to eat our main meal at lunchtime and prepare a snack later in the day while still daylight.  Bill, a master baker, is currently making fresh bread for this afternoon’s feast.
Readers will be pleased to know that wind is now on the beam and we were able to fly our green ghoster for the first time this passage. 
Pen portrait: Stuart Crainer
Most likely to say: Something diplomatic rather than coming down on one side or the other;
Would describe himself as: Intellectual and dapper;
His crew mates describe him as: a deep thinker and witty;
Most likely to be played in the WD film by: Sid James
Hates: Liverpool
Favourite food: A sausage sandwich with brown or red sauce;
Career: Writer
Never ask Stuart:“Are you a Tory?”

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