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Date: 26 Nov 2014 18:53:33
Title: Atlantic Crossing Day 4

22:18:0N 023:26:0W
Tuesday was Dolphin Day, a pod of twelve dolphins appeared around 1700 yesterday evening, enjoyed themselves around the bow of WD. Dreaming what it may be like to be aboard.
Great excitement! Today we saw flying fish, closely followed by tuna, who were hotly pursued by a large pod of dolphins.
On board cuisine improves by the day. Bill’s risotto was a tour de force!
Stuart decided to lead the hygiene league table today with the washing of clothes - not compulsory at this early stage in our voyage. This was ineffectual in the extreme, his clothes are now dirtier, wetter and saltier than at the start. As a result, the rest of the crew have decided that this can wait until Grenada and Stuart will have to go commando!
568 nautical miles now completed.

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