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Date: 19 Nov 2014 00:33:45
Title: Fw: Santa Cruz, Tenerife

28:28:0N 016:14:6W
Arrived Santa Cruz, Tenerife.
m_PB160717 Our first sighting of Tenerife
m_PB160718 Part of Tenerife is desert and the northern end in tropical and wet.
We will be based in Santa Cruz, the capital. It has tree lined streets, art deco buildings and supposedly the best market in the Canaries. Bruce Melizan and Stuart Crainer are joining the crew to ensure our watches are not too long. The only problem is where do we put all the food? We anticipate 18-20 days for the crossing, but if we are becalmed it could be 25. So catering must be generous, just in case!  We need to get our victuals ready for the crossing. We have planned the menu, catering for one vegetarian, two who don’t eat fish and one who doesn’t eat tomatoes. Top of the list 50 litres of UHT milk, that alone takes some carrying back to WD! Several visits to the supermarket are planned.
Additional cockpit cushions have been obtained, and despite being accused of being “girlie,” we will be comfortable. I hereby invite all those who think the have tough behinds to do a few days with out their creature comforts and see how it feels. Hopefully, no mishaps will befall our toilet this trip! It seems only fair to mention that the 19th November 2014 is World Toilet Day, and I feel very justified in drawing this to your attention....please use one today. http://www.wateraid.org/uk/get-involved/world-toilet-day-2014?gclid=Cj0KEQiA-aujBRDqj772vpGfgooBEiQAzWAZUtNaB3XlFQ3vZAsDDdFkx6Ld8Yx8gNV0PsQIuvM-TPoaAolg8P8HAQ
m_2014-11-16 19Marina Santa Cruz, Tenerife
20141117_140910Auditorio de Tenerife,Santa Cruz – looking moor like a spaceship. Right along from the marina.

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