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Date: 22 May 2014 09:53:00
Title: Alderney to Guernsey

Thursday 22nd May 2014

49:27.315N 002:32.061W

We set sail at 0600, again little wind, at least what there was southerly. During the morning the wind picked up, at one point a squall came through at 35 knots, we quickly reefed down as we had full sail up and the sea was over the toe rail for longer than necessary. We navigated south through the Little Russell channel and arrived at St. Peterport Marina at about midday were asked our draft and were directed to raft up alongside a Najad 38. We relaxed in our berth which was right opposite the marina entrance. During the night a big swell came in through the entrance and both yachts began riding up against each other. Unfortunately we had tied all our fenders to the top safety line and the weight of the Najad’s rubbing strake coming down on the fenders bent a station support. We ate that evening in the very quaint La Petit Café.

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