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Date: 09 Nov 2014 23:29:00
Title: Funchal, Madeira

Funchal is another beautiful place. Warm during the day and cool at night. Bananas growing around the town. I had no idea banana flowers were so big and exotic!
In  Funchal we went on a tuktuk tour of the town – a very knowledgeable young lady told us all about population, tourists, local economy, best places to eat, Christopher Columbus flirting with the ladies whilst imprisoned until his debts were paid. Apparently he married the Governors daughter and they waved his debts – rumour has it he even lived there for a short time before returning to the mainland.
What else did we do:
- Replace forehatch seal;
- order additional cockpit cushions, only to leave before they were delivered!
- Restich sail cover;
- Empty the water tank and refill to try and get good tasting water;
- Blew up dinghy, first time since leaving Uk, to check all seams were good still;
- Fit additional ‘D’ rings for cockpit safety lines;
- Topped up diesel;
- Bill made a monkey fist to hang under the forehatch, Denis now swings on this to close the hatch;
- Painted the WD tag Mk2 on the harbur wall;
- Had our propane gas cylinder refilled, six places visited in three countries before this. Seventh time lucky! Now equipped to cook as we cross the Atlantic;
- Visited the street of doors. A local initiative to bring people to the rundown area. The local students at the art college took the theme of each owner and created an image to suit. It certainly has pulled in the punters and opened new bars and restaurants throughout the area – amazing paintings too!
- Went up the Monte in the cable car – Denis and I were going to have a gentle stroll down a Lavada. At the top it was gorgeous, cool and quiet. The Local church was a sight to behold and we found that Hapberg had taken asylum here after WW1. Lavadas bring fresh rain water down the mountain to the town. The one we chose was disused and ran into an extremely step river valley. We found an amazing water fall, but our gentle stroll became a strenuous climb and three hours later we made it down – somewhat weary.
- We began planning our menu  and supplies for the crossing. Yes we even had advice on loo roll quantity – it turns out one roll per person per week is enough. We hope that’s right!
m_PB090687 m_PB090693 Columbus Square
m_PB090696 The tallest cliffs in Europe – but are they in Europe?
m_PB090698A banana flower – I had no idea they were so big!
m_PB090703m_PB090704m_PB090705Street of doors
m_PB120709 Going up the monte.
m_PB130713 m_PB130714Stocking up at the local market.

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