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Date: 24 Oct 2014 17:30:15
Title: Cueta to Rabat on passage test of satellite phone technology

035:22:7N 006:09:8W
0600 departure from Cueta. We had studied the pilot and PC Plotter and worked out the best time to depart to avoid the severe currents in the Straits of Gibraltar. By 0700 we were battling our way against strong currets. The wind increased to 30+knots, luckily it was with us – from the East. The current built to 5 knots, even with the engine on and sails full we were making as little as 0.5 knots at one point! As we slowly edged our way passed Tanger/Tangier Med. and threaded through the shipping the current began to ease. Once we were passing Tangier the current had reversed and we were screaming along along at 8+knots. Once around the headland and away from the shipping we celebrated with lunch.
This evening at 1700 we were treated to the amazing sight of a Minke Whale gracefully cruising by. The Pilot describes them as comparatively rare – lucky us and our first whale of the adventure!
Right now we are about 5 miles off the coast of Morocco preparing homemade pizza for dinner and a night of three hour watches.

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