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Date: 16 Oct 2014 12:21:00
Title: Agua Dulce

Called Pantaenius Yacht Insurers today, they wanted a couple of days notice prior to us leaving Europe. They emailed through detailed schedules of who must be on board for which part of the adventure. I even had to provide sailing CV’s for all the Atlantic crew. The insurance cover details preparations for named tropical storms/hurricanes – that focuses the mind! I will have to try and get that printed at our next port of call. Also of course, an invoice for the increased premium.
As we were sailing we noticed near Cabo de Gata (so named as agate was mined there) some hotels built into the cliffs, these and others were built with illegally obtained licenses and are awaiting demolition – someone has wasted an awful lot of money. In the photo you can see how someone has painted a message on one of them.
Agua Dulce had a great mooing for us right next to the facilities. We filled up with water, shopped for wine and beer – Morocco is Muslim and therefore dry. The marina office kindly printed my new insurance docs and we found a laundry with a 15 minute cycle. Can things possibly wash and rinse in that time? It did smell very strongly of fabric conditioner as it came out of the machine. Hopefully, there will be no rashes from the unmentionables!
As I right this, we have just checked the weather and will be departing for N.Africa for an overnight sail at about 1600. We are heading to Melilla in Morocco which is a Spanish enclave, rather like Gibraltar is for the English in Spain. We have been warned in the pilot that many powerful speed boats leave there as it gets dark, without navigation lights, smuggling duty free goods along the coast. Apparently the Spanish authorities turn a blind eye to this.......as did Gibraltar a few years ago.
m_PA150464m_PA150468Agua Dulce approach
m_PA160469Agua Dulce Marina.

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