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Date: 09 Oct 2014 22:33:18
Title: Cartagena

37:35:8N 000:58:8W
Had a long motor sail, 50 miles from Santa Palo to Cartagena, the wind was on the nose, and no matter how we changed our course along the coast the wind stayed at the same angle – it jus followed the coast.
Tried unsuccessfully to get our propane bottle refilled our buy a decent sized butane.....2.5kg butane is all that was available! maybe the next port or two will come up trumps. Oil change this morning, got to look after our 37 year old engine. Anyone else got an older one? Daimler Benz, made to last!
Cartagena and very beautiful city with great historical roots.
m_PA090438m_PA090439Spot the difference: Lone Rival and Wandering Dream (staying cool) both in Cartagena.
m_PA090443Cartagena from the fort
m_PA090446m_PA090447Roman Amphitheatre and Town Hall bell towerm_PA090449m_PA090450Twon Hall and not the KKK, but traditional Easter garb! Big processions at Easter....but of course this isn’t Easter.
I do like street art....sorry Steve, John and Bernie, but only if it is well done, not just tagging. I also like beautiful streets, sculptures and flowers.
 m_PA090442Old town and new all quite stunning. A lift to the fort – lazy whatsits! We walked up the stairs.
m_PA090455 The Naval museum – worth a visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isaac_Peral Isaac Peral’s original submarine! So many people have a claim to being the first  person to invent the modern sub.
m_PA090456Tabalache. Our best find so far........two people Tapas, salad, main course and wine 23 Euros. all at the end of the main street. Sadly the fish restaurant Geoff Goff recommended was closed for the evening......but we had a result!

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