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Date: 28 Sep 2014 22:40:00
Title: Moraira

38:41:1N 000:08:3E
For those of you who may be interested we passed the Greenwich meridian today, moving from West to East, there is even a marina here called Greenwich. I had know idea that when operating in East you count left to right,  unlike West that I am obviously too familiar with, you count right to left. I guess you al knew that anyway?
We left Altea at 1215, as we knew that wind was dropping around then. two nd a half hours of painless motoring saw us arrive in Moraira. The pilot says quite clearly moor up at the fuel pontoon and find the Capitiano to ask for a berth. Twice within 15 minutes we were told in no uncertain terms you do not enter a Spanish port with radioing in on Ch9 first. Well we had already entered 14 ports and only twice did we successfully raise someone to ask if we could enter. No one else has been in the least bit bothered by this omission. Not a very welcoming start. Still it was Sunday ad the only people manning the radio were the the pontoon helpers.
WE decided that we would walk to the tower / torre we could see right up on the foreland. It was quite a climb, but well worth it for the view. Miles both ways, quite stunning.
The next day, when doing the paperwork, we were greeted very warmly by the normal office staff who made us feel most welcome.
m_P9280335Moraira Marina from the torre.
m_P9280342Looking back south, to Altea, Calpe and Benidorm in the distance.
m_P9280344Looking North towards San Antonio and Denia

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