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Date: 26 Sep 2014 22:22:00
Title: Altea

38:35:3N 000:03:2W
We pushed through the head on waves having to motor all day against a 20 knot wind. Side to side swaying and plummeting up and down the waves. The wind gradually eased and as we were approaching Altea the heavens opened. Rain so heavy we couldn’t sea one end of the boat from the other let alone hear each other. A slight problem when berthing. I was so concerned we shouldn’t het the gin palace next to our berth that I stopped short of the concrete pontoon/wall and then had to motor forward again. Stupidly I again concentrated on the boat next to us and although only slightly moving we hit and scrapped the bows – only cosmetic damage, but it could have been worse.......mustn’t happen again! WE couldn’t easily reach the bow from the high pontoon, so that will be left for another day. The next day saw us doing some maintenance. Denis scrubbed the gas canister’s covers and bimini as mould had begun to form. While I scrapped out the caulking that has eased off the teak decking and replaced it with new. Although the decking dried quickly enabling the caulking to be applied, the wind blew so hard that removing the masking tape cleanly became a major event, resulting in me getting black caulking over my foot, arms, white decking and sprayhood. Lesson learned, don’t caulk in high winds!
We had heard that Altea church was beautiful and was up the hill from the marina, so early the next day we set off. We arrived at the same time as the rain, and sheltered in a bar with a coffee. Some great views from the church. As we came back down we saw a strange procession, sadly we will never know what it was all about. But there were many in fancy dress and two brass bands and young girls in traditional dance clothes, plus what we think were representatives of various clubs or societies in the finest clothes.
We set cast off at 1215, ready for a short journey to Moraira.
m_P9270323Altea Marina Entrance
m_P9280324m_P9280325 Altea from the church

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