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Date: 22 Sep 2014 22:48:00
Title: Tomas Maetres

37:44:4N 000:43:9W
We still needed diesel, but despite arriving at the fuel berth and waiting 15 mins and call Jose on his mobile – number given in the office, no one turned up! So another jerry can of precious fuel wa poured into WD tank. WE were both concerned that we were not sure how long we could safely motor before risking run  out. Denis started to compile a spreadsheet which worked out on  past data how much we were burning / hour and the tank capacity – i.e. what did that fuel gauge really tell us. He soon established 2l/hour at 1500 revs and a capacity of around 200 litres. So we had 5/8 of a tank 100 = litres more that enough to take us 40 miles at 5 knots / hour for 8 hours today and the same again tomorrow to get us the Alicante where we could refuel. We were anchoring in a quite anchorage tonight. Well done Denis, that’s a relief – I guess I should have known that!
We arrived in a very weird place, there were four yachts already anchored in the outer habour, or so we thought. The approach was some what torturous  threading our way around rusty iron pilings that were placed as walls, no signs. Eventually we found no one was were we were, but were in front of the iron piling breakwater. They must have found away through the outer stone braekwater.
During the night a thunder storm rolled around us, with strong winds, our anchor alarm sounded three times as we swung on our mooring in quite a confirm space. I was very relieved that out chain to depth ratio was 5:1 ensuring even with these winds we did not drag.
m_P9220275Rusty iron breakwater
m_P9220292My best shot of the lightening

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