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Date: 21 Sep 2014 22:30:00
Title: Mazarron

37:33:9N 001:15:W
Up at 0700. We were concerned that the diesel we had may not last until we got to Mazarron, as it was Sunday we didn’t want to wit until 1000 when the fuel berth may be open. So we topped up with one of our jerry cans. We motored most of the way to Mazarron, arrived and could raise no one on the radio. After a quick mooring on the fishing quay we established we should be over by the bars and restaurants as visitors, so moved across. We radioed in but no replied, just when we were going ashore to explore and find a food shop open a sailor/captiano guy arrived and insisted we now do the paperwork formalities and paid. We duly did and then went and bought bread, that was all we could find open, so decided that the next day we would have to buy food for the evenings anchorage.
We eat out at a local restaurant and then back to WD for a sleep, the bar we were next too had customers and music going until 0200, so we sat in the cockpit and read. It was 28 degrees below decks so waiting until it cooled a little was welcome. BY 2.00am we were so tired that not matter what we would fall asleep!

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