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Date: 20 Sep 2014 20:56:00
Title: Garrucha

37:11:1N 001:49:0W
Up at 0615 away by 0700. Dark at first and cold, we both had fleeces on! Motor sailed nearly all day, typical the wind arrived the last hour of the trip.
The land scape is much the same, mountainous inland and small coastal settlements dotted along the coast – many unfinished hotels and apartment blocks.
Saw my first flying fish today, I had no idea they were in the Mediterranean Sea! At first I thought it must be a bird that I lost track of as it disappeared into a wave – about the same size as a blue tit. Then I saw several all shoot out of the water and open their wings/fins and glide 20 to 30 metres. One even skimmed from wave to wave like a skimming stone.
Arrived in Garrucha Marina, new and empty, but well kept. The town is renowned for its seafood, so we went in search of a good restaurant. Most had the fish displayed in ice and lettuce leaves raw for you to choose. A bit like a fish monger or supermarket fish counter. We had the al la carte menu...langoustine, and john dory with salad. Delicious!!
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