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Date: 18 Sep 2014 19:46:00
Title: Adra

36:44:7N 003:01:1W
More wind today three to four hours of sailing with no engine! Mountainous scenery with small settlements along the coast. Many hilltops had been flattened to accommodate vast polythene covered frames as green houses. Much of Spain’s fruit and veg are grown all year round here, hydroponically. The sheets of polythene cover the whole landscape making it look like some industrial wasteland or snow, only not white. Unfortunately, in high winds these polythene sheets can be ripped off and end up as a hazard for us, hundreds of metres of polythene would wrap even the best rope cutter fitted propeller.
Arrived in Adra at 1830 and after circling to find a waiting pontoon, finally settled on a deserted guano covered one. Two security guards who hadn’t answered the radio, descended on us in a friendly way, to move us to another gull poo heaven, all pontoons lined with tapes as bird scarers. They gave us the key from their key ring so we could go ashore. Sadly no toilets or showers were available. Also no electric as the sockets were the weirdest we had seen yet, with the large pin in the middle. In the morning we were to report to the Port Captiano by 0900. We went to the office only to find that here it was the Harbour Master we needed. His office was shut, We went back to the Captaino’s office and explained we needed to go and the other office was shut. “No it can’t be!” They said it is always open. So we showed them and they looked aghast, immediately called the Harbour Master who was on his way. At 0930 we presented our ships papers and passports and paid 14.97 Euros – cheapest yet, but with no facilities not surprising. Returned the key. The Harbour Master was arranging for someone to let us back onto the pontoon, in the event no one turned up so Denis climbed the fence, just at that moment the Harbour Master came into view. We left the port promptly to escape the guano encrusted pontoons. Later we pressure washed the deck with the sea water hose. Will we go back or recommend to someone else....only in dire emergency.
Adra birds pooAdra deserted

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