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Date: 05 Jun 2016 10:52:14
Title: Azores - Home

47:34:6N 011:01:8W
Sunday 5th June 2016
Dawn creeps in here at about 0400hrs which is when my watch begins. The pink, orange and red hues first appear in the sky NE of our position. Then at about 0500hrs the sun peeps over the eastern horizon. The last couple of days have been spectacular. There has been just the right amount of cloud in the sky to catch the colours as the sun rose. Our sails are illuminated by this brightly coloured mix as we are sailing into the sunrise. The sea is also bathed in its warm glow. I even got goose bumps today thinking about how awesome our world can be.
Weather permitting, we are hoping for a pit stop in Cherbourg in roughly three days time. Then crossing the seventy miles of English Channel overnight to ensure our timely arrival. We will watch the weather closely to try and avoid delays.
Miles travelled in the last 24 hours: 133 miles
Miles to Cherbourg: 457 miles

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