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Date: 03 Jun 2016 15:16:11
Title: Azores - Home

45:52:5N 016:09:0W
Friday 3rd June 2016
We Love the Sun!!!!
We are dry, warm and loving life! Well, we are on our way to the best place in the world...HOME!
There is little wind today and the sea is calm. I therefore, slid my way over the fuel tank to see if I could find the cause of our autopilot failure. I tested power and it is there, checked seatalk data cables – all ok. Nothing obvious, sadly that’s where my expertise ends. So there will be a call to the Raymarine Engineer on our return. The good news is, the kit is still under warranty. When the wind blows we use the Aries Wind steering gear.
Despite reefing down, we managed to split the repaired genoa in a forty knot blow, I think it is just too far gone. As the wind had dropped this morning, we unfurled and dried it off, dropped the sail and replaced it with my old genoa. I knew there was a reason for it taking up room on board all this time.
We have our lines trailing out the back of WD. It is lovely to imagine the fish we might catch. I feel we are letting people down...not a sniff of a fish so far. We are using the pink sparkly squid on one line and the cedar plug on the other.
A Pen Portrait of Josh Tomorrow
Miles travelled in the last 24 hours: 121 miles
Miles to go: 695 miles

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