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Date: 02 Jun 2016 12:21:26
Title: Azores - Home

44:53:0N 018:43:8W
Thursday 2nd June 2016
What Difference a Day Makes!
The sun is shining and we are drying out. Our wet clothes are draped around the cockpit and blowing in the breeze. What a delight!
Funny Trip
The GPS did a funny jump yesterday and added 2833 miles to our trip total. No spike recorded on our track. Is this odd? I have no idea whether this is a common phenomenon or not – should I get Raymarine to look at the kit? This is the second time we have had a glitch of this kind.
AIS Down
We appear to have had a power failure for the autopilot which has also knocked out the AIS. Once the seas have subsided a little I will crawl over the fuel tank and access and test the power unit.
Miles Travelled in the last 24 hours: 139 miles
Miles to go: 812 miles

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