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Date: 01 Jun 2016 14:09:53
Title: Azores - Home

43:42:2N 020:59:7W
Wednesday 1st June 2016
Not such a great night last night, the auto pilot failed, everything is so wet it is dripping. We spent the night taking it in turns to hand steer into the black rain. We are on the Aries wind pilot again, which is keeping us on track. ‘ll save the scrabbling about looking for electrical faults until it is drier and not as bumpy. Yuk! Not nice, wet and cold. Poor Josh has got the short end of the straw...he won't want to do this again. We are gradually working our way through our clothes, putting on partly wet things and discarding sodden. I can see I'll have to dig into my lockers and get Josh some other clothes to wear unless the sun shines and the rain stops. Despite the ghastly picture I am painting, we are up beat anyway.
What am I looking forward to when I get home?
Being with my lovely family, seeing friends, a warm dry and steady house, a hot shower, British beer, a proper roast dinner, being able to do things with out holding on and most important of all, being able to go to sleep without the worry of what piece of kit will go wrong next. But I will miss this incredible adventure, the annoying at the time, breakages or failures make the adventure real. If I was one who loved being looked after and molly coddled I would not have had the amazing experiences I will never forget.
Miles travelled in the last 24 hours: 163 miles
Miles to go: 960 miles.

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