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Date: 15 May 2016 11:38:11
Title: Azores Tomorrow

38:47:2N 030:23:8W
Sunday 15th May 2016
Horta, Faial, Azores: Nearly There!
We are timing our arrival for day light tomorrow, some time about 0500 hrs GMT/UTC. The dilemma of beer or shower first has to be solved, with Jen on board, it is shower first.
Drying Out and Not Alcohol Related
With no wind and a calm sea, we were able to open hatches, and hang out the wet clothing. It was such a pleasure to pull on dry trousers for the night watch; I know we get our fun in strange ways.
No Communications Worry
We sailed near another yacht yesterday, it looked like a racing yacht, but its main sail was flogging and it appeared to be just drifting. Ever mindful of our responsibility towards other sailors, we tried to hail on the VHF radio. But got no response. At 1700 hrs GMT as we came within a mile, we received an AIS single but it kept cutting in and out, never displaying anything beyond the yachts MMSI number: 228275600 and its range. Concerned for the crew or just the skipper if it were a single hander, we changed course and tried to intercept. Even with them yacht drifting and the mainsail flogging they were doing anything from 2 – 5 knots. After an hour we failed to get closer than just under a mile, we had tried the radio several times and even resorted to fog horn to try and get someone on deck. Eventually while now giving chase, we saw one of the foresails being unfurled and set. Obviously, someone was on board and blissfully getting on happily with life. Having noted their position, speed and course, we ceased chasing and settled back on a revised course for Horta.  We came to the conclusion that perhaps they were single handing the Transat Race and had just been sleeping as the wind had dropped. Maybe they had also turned off the radio so as not to be disturbed...we will never know and neither will they be aware of WD’s concerns.
Miles travelled in the last 23 hours: 99 miles (one hour time adjustment for WD local time)
Miles to Horta: 87 miles (as at time of writing blog)

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