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Date: 14 May 2016 12:32:42
Title: Azores Over Half-Way

39:07:5N 032:22:5W
Saturday 14th May 2016
Sail Repairs
Knot Bill has been on the internet and researched sail repairers in Horta. There seems to be a choice of several advertising on the web. Hopefully, that will get us a good price and get the work done well.
Blue Whales
Thanks to Riemer, one of Jen’s colleagues at Heerema for the info on Blue Whales:
Just saw that you guys are asking where the Blue Whale lives.
As you are now coming up to Faial island, it is renowned for (amongst others) Blue whales.
This time of year also seems to be peak season.
Looks like we’re about to go whale watching!
It has finally stopped raining and the waves have reduced enough to open a hatch or two and air WD. Everything is wet or cold and damp. Including my clean underwear! Some how water worked its way into the top cupboard in my cabin.
We are hoping to make Faial either tomorrow night of early Monday morning. The wind dropped last night, from 30+ knots to ten within thirty minutes; we are still waiting for the sea to subside a little. A casualty of which was a litre of yogurt that jumped onto the saloon floor, a bund was quickly formed to prevent ingress into the bilges and almost a whole kitchen roll was sacrificed in the mop up operation (thank you David, we are still working through your stock).  As we are in the midst of the Azores high we have no wind and are motoring, probably all the way in.
Miles travelled in the 24 hours: 166 miles
Miles to Faial: 222 miles

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