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Date: 12 May 2016 12:50:44
Title: Azores Over Half-Way

39:52:4N 038:35:1W
Thursday 12th May 2016
Going Like the Clappers
We are bowling along at a fast and furious pace this morning. The waves are catching us on the beam, rolling us uncomfortably and sending spray across the decks. Doing anything down below requires bracing or strapping into the galley (Before you comment Mark, I mean below deck, but you’d like the strapping!).
Better Than Mr Kipling
The crew of WD began another “Exceedingly Good Cake” yesterday. Amazingly, Hilary has managed to bake and get delivered eleven delicious fruit cakes, which we have thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you Hilary for keeping the crew going.
A Ripping Good Time
My blog was interrupted by a shout from the cockpit. “Sail’s ripped!” shouted Jen. We donned life jackets and scrambled on deck. There is now a fifty centimetre rip from the number two luff reinforced reefing point, upwards. Denis and Jen quickly put in another reef, the tear is now tucked away safely. This is not a repair to be done under way. Fortunately, I have my old main sail, which will have to do to get us to the Azores. When the wind drops, as it will, we will see about swapping the sails. A chat with an Azores £sail-maker seems imminent.
Miles travelled in the last 24 hours: 137 miles
Miles to the Azores: 526 miles

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