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Date: 11 May 2016 12:40:07
Title: Azores Over Half-Way

40:00:2N 041:37:4W
Wednesday 11th May 2016
Not Such a Perfect Day
Some days things just seen to go wrong...yesterday, first we discovered that the genoa furling line had rubbed holes in the ghoster sail. Then, the wind had dropped and the main sail was flogging a little as we rolled from side to side with the waves. Looking at the sail, I noticed a tear in the Main by the number two reefing point on the luff (forward edge of the sail). The wind dropped further and it was time to put the engine on, only as we tried to put the engine into neutral to start, the throttle/gear lever just slipped. On further investigation the splines were not holding and the grub screw just slipped on the shaft’s surface. A pair of mole grips are again in use to control the engine. After several hours motoring, the wind increased a little, but once the main sail was hoisted it began flogging and another rip appeared. This time above the number three reefing point on the foot of the sail. I have a bad feeling that my main sail is suffering from too much UV and has become weakened. We will be treating it with a little more tlc from now on.
Poor Progress
As predicted, little wind yesterday. We spent most of the day motoring and it wasn’t until gone 2300 hours that we could hoist sails again. This morning we are bobbing along at a good pace.
Fish Fiasco
We have had our lines out for two days now and apart from some initial interest which we didn’t land, the fish have resolutely boycotted our lures. I know the fishing rigs are good, perhaps the regular visits from dolphins are scaring them all away. However, a real treat this morning a huge whale was spotted off our port side by Jen, as it dived, its back just seemed to keep going. Was it a sperm whale? Or could it have been a rare Blue whale, we have no information on Blue whales, where do they live?
Miles travelled in the last 24 hours: 99 miles
Miles to the Azores: 662 miles

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