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Date: 10 May 2016 12:35:51
Title: Azores Over Half-Way

39:58:5N 043:45:7W
Tuesday 10th May 2016
Baking Hot on WD
Jen got to grips with bread making yesterday. We have run out of fresh bread and all agreed more fresh was preferable to wraps or part-baked. So the heavenly aroma of baking read was wafting from he companion way to titivate our taste buds. The end result ten out of ten!
The Azores High
The trade winds have not properly set in yet this year and the Azores High is sitting still, causing the surrounding weather fronts to shift in odd ways. Last night and this morning the winds were light and finally shifted from slightly south to slightly north, making us gybe to maintain course. The forecast GRIB files are showing a weather system approaching which should push us along a little faster.
Bakerly Transat
Knot Bill informed us: “The TRANSAT BAKERLY single handed boats are headed your way. They set off on 2nd May from Plymouth and are racing to New York.  They all have AIS so you should see them early.” Last night we all watched eagerly hoping the leading yachts would pass close enough to see, but none of us saw a thing. I guess it is a big ocean and a chance encounter is unlikely.
Miles Travelled in the last 24 hours: 136 miles
Miles to the Azores: 761 miles

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