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Date: 09 May 2016 13:03:54
Title: Azores Tudor Route - Half Way!

39:53:0N 046:23:5W
Monday 9th May 2016
Wonderful Wildlife
We had a pretty special day, it was half-way (celebrated with a now traditional beer), we had slowly passed four sperm whales lounging on the surface, a shoal of 50+ fish jumping at least a metre clear of the water off the stern, two pods of dolphins (although only one came close to WD) and hooked a big fish, this subsequently get off the hook before we hauled it in.
There are a few times in your life when you see something so utterly awe inspiring that you are profoundly moved. It is about 0100 hours, one hour into my watch, Denis and Jen both fast asleep, the sky is crystal clear, no moon, just pin sharp bright stars. I’d been watching several shooting stars and our sparkly wake, when three illuminated phosphorescent trails zoom through the black sea and into WD’s bow wave. I am stunned by how amazing dolphins look lit by millions of glowing sparks, they leave a trail of light in the water, tracing their wake, ten to twelve metres long, this gradually fades to nothing. My very own dolphin light show, lasted at best, perhaps fifteen minutes. It was pure joy to watch, as they wove in and out of the bow wave leaving trails of light. The nearest thing I can compare it with, is the trail of sparks a firework leaves. But these glittering light trails interact, come apart and together, stop to find each other and then the three trails come together as one thick streak of light. If there is a God, then these dolphins, in this sea are one of his finest creations!
Miles travelled in the last 23 hours: 134 miles (one hour deducted to maintain WD day light hours as we travel east)
Miles to the Azores: 896 miles

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