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Date: 07 May 2016 13:38:31
Title: Azores Tudor Route

39:18:4N 052:43:5W
Saturday 7th May 2016
Gulf Stream
The fickle Gulf Stream current is it with us or not? We have had a positive current since arriving around thirty nine degrees north, but sometimes it is running at two knots and sometimes hardly anything at all. The chart predicts 0 – 1 knot, we are doing better than that. Our progress is good, averaging just over six knots. If we can continue at this pace perhaps we will make landfall on the 15th May 2016.
Dolphins in the Distance
A pod of dolphins was out hunting around WD yesterday. We could see them jumping and diving at speed off the port side, obviously giving chase at speed. Sadly for us, hunger is the stronger instinct and they declined the chance of fun in WD’s bow wave, in favour of a good meal.
Distance travelled in the last 24 hours: 164 miles
Miles to the Azores: 1255

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