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Date: 03 May 2016 13:19:00
Title: Azores Tudor Route

33:51:6N 063:19:4W
0900 Tuesday 3rd May 2016
The Square Rigger, Tudor Route
We are following the Tudor Route, aiming to pick up the easterly trade winds and easterly flowing Gulf Stream Current. The wind gradually went south yesterday and therefore behind us, having motored for about twelve hours, the wind increased to ten knots on the beam and the engine went off for about eight hours, but we went slower and slower. The engine is back on now, for the next couple of days we will motor if our speed drops below 3 knots. Hopefully, going north will give us the wind we need. It is always a gamble, the direct rumb line is calmer, but through the Doldrums and potentially no wind for long periods, whereas the northerly route pretty much guarantees wind once we are at about 39 degrees north, but it brings the chance of more gales. The forecast is looking promising, with winds in our favour, but if not, then it will be a more strategic use of the fuel. At least we are guaranteed a positive current.
Alien Invasion?
We have been passing lots of pink and blue eggs sacks, they are shaped like a pasty with the crimping on the top, about the same size too. The upright crimping is bright pink and the see-thru membranous sides gradually change a royal blue at the bottom which seems to have a trailing string of blue under the water. We initially saw these in the S.Atlantic and thought they were a child’s toy, they are so brightly coloured. Does anyone know which creature produces these egg sacks?
Miles travelled in the last 24 hours: 103 miles
Miles to the Azores: 1817 miles

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