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Date: 02 May 2016 02:12:16
Title: Bermuda

SUNDAY 1st May 2016

We visited a good few of the tourist places. Took local buses, rented scooters, went out for the day with Susie Lacey a friend of one of Jen's friends. She showed us the local deserted beaches.

Bermuda is beautiful, the people happy and friendly, bit it is so expensive. We have loved our stay.

Now our food is restocked and we are rested. Tomorrow we top up with fuel and water and set off on the next stage of the adventure: to The Azores. We have checked for icebergs, yes they do occasionally come this far south, and set a northerly route. The forecast is for light winds due to the Azores high, we are searching for more and will therefore head north to 40 degrees, before turning east. 1,920 miles to the Azores from here, we are hoping for a sixteen day passage. We are aiming to depart before 1000 hours tomorrow  (Monday 2nd May 2016).

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